Chancellor George Osborne is facing pressure to make an emergency VAT cut
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George is paid a compliment by a passing motorist. He swells with pride. Later, he realises the 'compliment' was actually an insult, but it's too late to do anything about it.


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Ok, I don't have a strange sub-story thing for this. Everything I could think of was too creepy. 
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George needs a haircut, but when he went to get one, there was a queue. Instead of waiting, he bought some cakes and spent all his money. He wishes people were sheered like sheep.
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George spent all night working on his presentation, so when no-one turns up to the meeting, he goes ahead an gives it anyway. Half way through, a cleaner comes in to empty the bins, and George feels silly.

ol' squidgy-face

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George has a pleasant daydream about socks. He dreams all his socks were neatly sorted into pairs in a big pile. Then he remembers they aren't, and has to do it himself. 

Happy Time

George Osborne (pic: Reuters)
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George has a few minutes to spare before work, and decided to amuse himself. However, he is rudely interrupted by a photographer who takes his picture at an inopportune moment.

Sad Little Bear

SM SM George Osbourne 450 (Pic:PAWire)
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Things just go from bad to worse for George. Fresh back from an upsetting day at work, George discovers there's no Santa. Or God.


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George is looking forwards to eating his jelly and watching TV. However, he refuses to eat his vegetables, and is sent to bed early. He does not grow up to be big and strong.


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George just wants to read about the football, but he has to do his homework first. 


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George is forced to give a speech in front of everyone. He misses his favourite program, and becomes very grumpy again.

Weird angle

Source: Belfast Telegraph
Chased by a cameraman obsessed with filming his shoulder, George is shocked to find his picture being taken at a strange angle. Later, he has a scone, and everything is right with the world again.

A Serious Man

Source: Innovations in Newspapers
George is upset to discover a flying picture of Westminster behind him. At first, the hovering image is only an inconvenience, but soon, it begins to make unkind remarks. George becomes very grumpy.

Milking the invisible cow

Source: The Daily Mail
After a busy weekend at the farm, George is happy to show off his new cow milking skills on television. However, when he attempts the demonstration on a particularly cowlike chicken, tragedy ensues.