Sad glance into the mid-distance

George Osborne
Source: The Guardian
George thought cutting £10bn in Welfare would make him happy. It hasn't. He's still miserable, and lives in fear of the one-eyed Gypsie's curse
Source: The Sun
George tries to "keep it down" himself when he is nauseated by a brightly-coloured Cab. Bright colours distress George's sensitive stomach. He likes beige, and moths.
Source: The Guardian
George is worried to find out that a lot of people behind him have become blurry and out-of-focus. He's also worried about war and famine, and pledges to eradicate child illiteracy if he is elected as Miss Great Britain.
Source: The Guardian
Leaving his bedroom for a midnight raid on the kitchen, George is surprised when several ghostly hands float around him waving microphones. George realises he has to give a press conference, and he isn't wearing trousers and... phew! It was just a dream!

Plastic Man

Source: The Telegraph
George is rather put out to discover he's made of LEGO. While it is a worry at first, he soon adapts and finds he has to spend far less time on his hair in the morning.

Booed at the Paralympics

Source: Screengrab from video here
George shakes off booing at the Paralympics. Deep down, he wonders if people are angry at his cuts to disability allowances, or his hair.


George Osborne Smiles
Source: HITC Politics
George has just seen a bunny rabbit, with big floppy ears and a twitchy nose. The memory of the rabbit keeps him happy until bath-time.