Source: The Guardian
George enjoys impressing people with his surfing skills. Much later in life, he watches a documentary on surfing, and realises it's actually meant to take place on a board, in the water. George thought it was all about the hand movements. He feels foolish, and his shame makes him blush.

When life gives you lemons

Source: Belfast Telegraph
George is happy. He's managed to comb his hair just the way he likes it, his tie is relatively neat, and he's got a lemon curd sandwich for lunch. Life is good.


Source: The Guardian
George is sure he can see something moving, but no-one else seems to be able to see it. George knows they aren't real, but he is still worried it could be a g-g-g-ghost.


George Osborne
Source: Huffington Post
George is sad. He is in a panoramic photograph, but despite the abundance of space, no-one is willing to stand next to him. George wonders why no-one will hold his hand.