George enjoys telling Francois Baroin a saucy joke. Later, he discovered saucy jokes are not meant to be about sauce and sauce alone. Sadly, George realises the joke was actually on him.

Eye trouble

Source: The Mirror
Half way through an important speech about what he did in his holidays, George realises he can't see properly. He tries rolling and blinking his eyes to get his contacts back into place, then George realises he doesn't wear contacts. In fact, years of eating his vegetables have given him 20/20 vision and a healthy glow.
Source: Marketing Week
Watch out, George is going to bully you until you give him your lunch money. Don't worry though, he's only doing it because deep down, he's not very happy.

Blowing a breeze

Source: London Evening Standard
It is blowing a breeze out, and George finds himself somewhat dishevelled by Mother Nature. George prefers Mother Goose. In fact, he wishes he was eating a goose right now. Instead, his tie is blowing about. George cries inside. 
Osborne relaxes government-guaranteed debt scheme for banks
Source: The Telegraph
Actually, we're just going to use the Telegraph's own sub-heading, taken out of context: "Osborne said he asked Darling not to commit the UK to long-lasting proposals."
George Osborne and Mervyn King Mansion House
Source: The Guardian
George finds it very funny that he's taller than Sir Mervyn. Sir Mervyn knows George didn't tie that bow tie himself. It is quite a riotous evening.
George Osborne and Ed Balls
Source: The Guardian
George recognises Ed and waves, but doesn't remember who he is. Then he realises and has to pretend not to have seen him, even though he's already made it clear he has. George never realised politics was such a messy business.