Source: Huffington Post
Half way through his speech, George realises a giant red cross is slowly stroking the back of his head. At first, he'd taken the cross to be part of an out-of-focus Union Jack, but now he realises that it's actually a hidden, overly touchy Communist. George dislikes the Red Menace.
Source: The Guardian
George enjoys impressing people with his surfing skills. Much later in life, he watches a documentary on surfing, and realises it's actually meant to take place on a board, in the water. George thought it was all about the hand movements. He feels foolish, and his shame makes him blush.

When life gives you lemons

Source: Belfast Telegraph
George is happy. He's managed to comb his hair just the way he likes it, his tie is relatively neat, and he's got a lemon curd sandwich for lunch. Life is good.


Source: The Guardian
George is sure he can see something moving, but no-one else seems to be able to see it. George knows they aren't real, but he is still worried it could be a g-g-g-ghost.


George Osborne
Source: Huffington Post
George is sad. He is in a panoramic photograph, but despite the abundance of space, no-one is willing to stand next to him. George wonders why no-one will hold his hand.
George enjoys telling Francois Baroin a saucy joke. Later, he discovered saucy jokes are not meant to be about sauce and sauce alone. Sadly, George realises the joke was actually on him.

Eye trouble

Source: The Mirror
Half way through an important speech about what he did in his holidays, George realises he can't see properly. He tries rolling and blinking his eyes to get his contacts back into place, then George realises he doesn't wear contacts. In fact, years of eating his vegetables have given him 20/20 vision and a healthy glow.
Source: Marketing Week
Watch out, George is going to bully you until you give him your lunch money. Don't worry though, he's only doing it because deep down, he's not very happy.

Blowing a breeze

Source: London Evening Standard
It is blowing a breeze out, and George finds himself somewhat dishevelled by Mother Nature. George prefers Mother Goose. In fact, he wishes he was eating a goose right now. Instead, his tie is blowing about. George cries inside. 
Osborne relaxes government-guaranteed debt scheme for banks
Source: The Telegraph
Actually, we're just going to use the Telegraph's own sub-heading, taken out of context: "Osborne said he asked Darling not to commit the UK to long-lasting proposals."
George Osborne and Mervyn King Mansion House
Source: The Guardian
George finds it very funny that he's taller than Sir Mervyn. Sir Mervyn knows George didn't tie that bow tie himself. It is quite a riotous evening.
George Osborne and Ed Balls
Source: The Guardian
George recognises Ed and waves, but doesn't remember who he is. Then he realises and has to pretend not to have seen him, even though he's already made it clear he has. George never realised politics was such a messy business.
Chancellor George Osborne is facing pressure to make an emergency VAT cut
Source: Belfast Telegraph
George is paid a compliment by a passing motorist. He swells with pride. Later, he realises the 'compliment' was actually an insult, but it's too late to do anything about it.


Source: The Source
Ok, I don't have a strange sub-story thing for this. Everything I could think of was too creepy. 
Source: Press and Journal
George needs a haircut, but when he went to get one, there was a queue. Instead of waiting, he bought some cakes and spent all his money. He wishes people were sheered like sheep.
Source: The Telegraph
George spent all night working on his presentation, so when no-one turns up to the meeting, he goes ahead an gives it anyway. Half way through, a cleaner comes in to empty the bins, and George feels silly.

ol' squidgy-face

Source: The Telegraph
George has a pleasant daydream about socks. He dreams all his socks were neatly sorted into pairs in a big pile. Then he remembers they aren't, and has to do it himself. 

Happy Time

George Osborne (pic: Reuters)
Source: The Mirror
George has a few minutes to spare before work, and decided to amuse himself. However, he is rudely interrupted by a photographer who takes his picture at an inopportune moment.

Sad Little Bear

SM SM George Osbourne 450 (Pic:PAWire)
Source: The Mirror
Things just go from bad to worse for George. Fresh back from an upsetting day at work, George discovers there's no Santa. Or God.


Source: Left Foot Forward
George is looking forwards to eating his jelly and watching TV. However, he refuses to eat his vegetables, and is sent to bed early. He does not grow up to be big and strong.


Source: The Guardian
George just wants to read about the football, but he has to do his homework first. 


Source: British Blogs
George is forced to give a speech in front of everyone. He misses his favourite program, and becomes very grumpy again.

Weird angle

Source: Belfast Telegraph
Chased by a cameraman obsessed with filming his shoulder, George is shocked to find his picture being taken at a strange angle. Later, he has a scone, and everything is right with the world again.

A Serious Man

Source: Innovations in Newspapers
George is upset to discover a flying picture of Westminster behind him. At first, the hovering image is only an inconvenience, but soon, it begins to make unkind remarks. George becomes very grumpy.

Milking the invisible cow

Source: The Daily Mail
After a busy weekend at the farm, George is happy to show off his new cow milking skills on television. However, when he attempts the demonstration on a particularly cowlike chicken, tragedy ensues.

Head Growth

George Osborne
Source: BBC News
George notices an unusual growth, taking the form of two people, emerging from the back of his head. His doctor tells him it is treatable, and gives him a lolly for being such a good patient.


George Osborne (Pic:AFP/Getty Images)
Source: The Mirror
George goes out for a lovely day at the park. However, his enjoyment is marred when a starling makes an unkind remark about his tie. The bird goes away, but George spends the rest of the day in fear.

Boxing one's ears

Source: Find a Property
George is quick to defend the honour of a lady. Tragically, it turns out the lady is Ed Miliband, and George's political reputation is left in shreds when he assaults the Prime Minister in defence of his political rivals.

Shadow Puppets

George Osbourne (Pic:Getty)
Source: The Mirror
George is suddenly shocked when the cleaning lady turns on a lamp. He likes to sit in the dark and contemplate where it all went wrong. He blames Sophocles.

Pat on the Back

Source: UK Uncut
George is congratulated by his parliamentary friends after coming fourth in a game of Monopoly. He does not know they went easy on him. George wishes he had invested more in utilities and railroads.


Hope ... George Osborne faces questions
Source: The Sun
George wears a waistcoat on top of his suit jacket. The ghosts of a thousand Etonians haunt him all day, and ruin his supper.

The Working Man

Source: The Daily Mail
George is shocked to discover that technology makes his car move. He always thought teams of slaves lived underneath, carrying his car to exciting destinations. George is upset there is no magic left in the world.

Action Man

George Osborne and family on a skiing holiday in Klosters (Pic:Rex)
Source: The Mirror
George enjoys a skiing holiday with his family. He isn't very good, and when he falls, a man called Ian laughs at him. It makes him sad.

Tripping the Light Fantastic

George Osbourne (Pic:Reuters)
Source: The Mirror
George is in a white room. He has a big shadow, and this scares him temporarily. However, he quickly recovers and gets on with his day. In later life, he remembers this incident with shame.

Old-fashioned values

George Osborne MP
George on the left.
Source: The Daily Mail
George plays a game with his family. He isn't doing very well, and is losing all his money. He hopes he will be better with money when he grows up.

It wasn't me...

Souce: Daily Mail
There is an unpleasant odour in the room. Despite knowing it is his fault, George attempts to shift the blame. He is caught out, and sent to jail.

Guess who just got raptured?

Speaking at the Welsh Conservatives' spring conference in Cardiff, George Osborne said: 'We cannot place all our bets on the City Of London'
Source: The Daily Mail
George explains to his beloved Grandmother that he's somehow going to Heaven and she isn't. He is racked with guilt.

One more thing...

George Osborne said he will use the Budget to help jobless young people find work, funded by money from the levy on banks
Source: Daily Echo
George makes a cunning point, defeating his political rivals. However, he is still empty inside.

The follies of youth

Source: Youth Parliament forums
Young George, unaware of the crushing disappointments that lie ahead. He only wants to sell socks.

Back to back, they faced each other...

Source: The Guardian
Realizing his life is pointless, George makes a crime fighting team. Things do not go well.

Little and Large

Source: BBC
George is struck by an incurable shrinking disease. Eventually, he becomes very small, and a sparrow picks him up. He is never seen again.

Bestest Buds

David Cameron and George Osborne
Source: The Daily Mail
Secretly, David hates George. He resents him for always coming round to his house unannounced. George likes to bring houseplants. David hates houseplants.


Source: The Daily Mail
George is happy with his new suit, but constantly fiddles with his sleeves. His mother always warned him not to.


Source: Infowars Ireland
Secretly, George always wanted to be a James Bond style villain. However, he sadly lacks the third nipple that would enable him to become a world-class assassin.


Source: Conservative Home
George attempts to understand the plight of his sunbed-obsessed constituents. Tragedy ensues.


Source: The Daily Mail
George secretly dreams he is a spy. In real life, he cannot tie a bow tie however. He must hire a man called Andrew to do this for him. George worries Andrew steals his socks at night.

Some might say this is where he belongs...

Source: The Telegraph
George is imprisoned for conning old ladies out of their pensions. But there's nothing funny about this. Tee hee.

Happy Scamp

George Osborne has warned of the consequences of not reigning in Britain's debt
Source: The Daily Mail
George received an e-mail from A Mr. Kiown, informing him of a lucrative business proposition. After giving the businessman his bank details, George eagerly awaits the arrival of this $8million.

Up There

Source: London Evening Standard
George sees a crow in a nearby tree. He is later disappointed when no-one shows an interest in the bird, as he has not realized they are very common. 

Sexual Tension

George Osborne and Ed Balls
Source: The BBC
George has a man-crush. These feelings are unrequited. He has a breakdown and buys a small terrier. The terrier does not take to George either.